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May 2nd
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
William Gear at Natrona County Public Library

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Michael Gear will be at Natrona County Public Library with his new book, This Scorched Earth. Reserve your copy with us and join us in meeting the author at the library.


May 3rd
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Casper Art Walk

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It's that time of year again: The Art Walk is back! during the first Thursday of every month we celebrate small businesses downtown. Come join in the party and see us for extended hours. We're open until 8:00 pm for the Art Walk.

This time we will have author and artist Nina Rothfuss with her children's book Low Belly Bunch.

Hot and New!

Indies Next List

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Book Review


Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

     Jaya's mother is dead, her best friend and lover have disappeared, and winged Beings are falling from the sky. For Jaya, the last handful of months have been a series of events she has no control over. To top it off, her father in a Wingding, obsessed with the winged Beings that fall to their deaths and he has decided to uproot his two daughters to get to the next location where he thinks another fall will happen. Jaya is opposed to this idea and has little faith in his calculations until she witnesses the fall of a Being and discovers she survived. Now Jaya must decide what to do in the best interest of the Being, including involving a pair of siblings, Allie and Calum, who can help. As these three are thrown together by the same goals, Jaya and Allie become close even while the shadows of Jaya's past take shape.
     Beautiful and flowing, the writing of this book creates full and kinetic scenes and characters that are hurt and courageous enough to change that.

Wind City Book Club!

Starting this year, Wind City Books will do a monthly book club. Every month we will pick out a book and look forward to the community joining in to discuss it with staff on our Wind City Book Club Facebook group.

This month we are reading Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann, which is out in paperback at our store!


Other Readings

Libro News

     You can now earn free audiobooks while supporting Wind City Books. Simply visit and you’ll have the option of entering email addresses, sharing via social or via a unique link. The invitation allows friends and family to enjoy their first audiobook for just $0.99 and you’ll get a free audiobook after their first month of membership. Whether it's someone new to audiobooks or an audiobook aficionado looking for a change, this is your opportunity to share how they can support Wind City Books through the power of audiobooks.

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