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September 4th
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Craig Johnson will be with us in September with his new book, Depth of Winter.
Join us at the Natrona County Public Library in the Crawford Room where we will be selling books for the signing.

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Book Review

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I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall
Jess is a survivor. After an accident leaves her using a cane to get around after months of physical therapy, she is sent to live with a father who she hasn't seen in years and who is as physically distant as he is emotionally. It takes more than hiding out in the Canadian wilderness to escape his mysterious and dangerous past, a past that finds them and makes things take a turn for the worse, leaving scrambling to survive once again.
A novel that has spirit, I Am Still Alive shows the struggle of one girl and her determination to survive. With the very real threats of nature closing in around her, Jess finds her will to live in the possibility of revenge against the people who stranded her in the wilderness.

This book is avaible at Wind City Books!

Wind City Book Club!

Starting this year, Wind City Books will do a monthly book club. Every month we will pick out a book and look forward to the community joining in to discuss it with staff on our Wind City Book Club Facebook group.

This month we are reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, which is out in paperback at our store!


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