Casper Art Walk Kickoff with Fred Jacquot


We will have author Fred Jacquot with his book Wild Men on the North Fork: A Yellowstone Summer from 5-8 pm.
Come down, meet the author, get a book, and support local business!

Quote from Wild Men on the North Fork A Yellowstone Summer:
The Absaroka Mountains are, by land area, the largest range in Wyoming. Few Wyoming citizens could tell you this. As a range it lacks the spectacular peaks of the more famous Tetons. For vacationers, it is not nearly as popular as the Big Horns. One can count its lakes on two hands. This is an embarrassment when compared to the Wind River Range to its south. In the 'Winds' there is a lake over every hill, some ten thousand in all. But the Absarokas have their own special, rugged beauty and are probably host to as many wild animals as all the other Wyoming ranges combined. And they are rugged! Orrin and Lorraine Bonney, in their definitive book on the mountains of Wyoming, call the Absaroka Mountains the most rugged topographical area in the United States.