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Book Signings with George Trojan and Dr. W. Lee Warren

  • Wind City Books 152 South Center Street Casper, WY, 82601 United States (map)

Come to Wind City Books to meet George Trojan (Too Young For the Times) and Dr. W. Lee Warren (No Place To Hide) for book signings! 


George Trojan’s life changed forever on September 1, 1939, when German forces bombarded his hometown of Lwow, Poland. With Russia quickly siding with the German invaders, Poland fell in twenty-nine days.

For the next two years, Lwow was under Russian control. George’s brother Stefan joined the Polish resistance and ran messages to older members of the organization. George would join too, but fate would tear him from his home.

After Russia and Germany turned on each other, Lwow came under German control. Caught in a gestapo roundup, sixteen-year-old George and other boys were relocated to Germany to work on the German Air Force’s vital telephone lines. There he would endure two years of grueling labor.

Through it all, George dreamed of escaping and reaching the Allied front lines. It was a dream that was realized as the tides of war turned against the Axis—a dream that would bear unexpected fruit and change the young man’s life in ways he scarcely dared imagine.

A true account of George Trojan’s experiences as a teenager in World War II, Too Young for the Times is a reminder of the horror and fear of growing up surrounded by violence.


Dr. W. Lee Warren’s life as a neurosurgeon in a trauma center began to unravel long before he shipped off to serve the Air Force in Iraq in 2004. When he traded a comfortable if demanding practice in San Antonio, Texas, for a ride on a C-130 into the combat zone, he was already reeling from months of personal struggle.

At the 332nd Air Force Theater Hospital at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, Warren realized his experience with trauma was just beginning. In his 120 days in a tent hospital, he was trained in a different specialty—surviving over a hundred mortar attacks and trying desperately to repair the damages of a war that raged around every detail of every day. No place was safe, and the constant barrage wore down every possible defense, physical or psychological.

One day, clad only in a T-shirt, gym shorts, and running shoes, Warren was caught in the open while round after round of mortars shook the earth and shattered the air with their explosions, stripping him of everything he had been trying so desperately to hold on to.

Warren’s story is an example of how a person can go from a place of total loss to one of strength, courage, and victory. Whether you are in the midst of your own crisis of faith, failed relationship, financial struggle, or illness, you will be inspired to remember that how you respond determines whether you survive—spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes physically.