Guide Dog Woody & The Blind Chick: One Step At A Time (Paperback)

Guide Dog Woody & The Blind Chick: One Step At A Time By Sue-Ellen Lovett Cover Image
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Get ready to laugh, live and learn the secrets about how to train a dog to have such leadership you can trust them with... your life

This incredible story; hilarious, informative, revealing and surprising, is written from the perspective of the three main characters.

Seriously amazing and brilliant at his job, Guide Dog Woody.

Definitely not normal Blind Chick Sue-Ellen Lovett, who raised $3.2 million while sitting on their bottom And

Beautiful brown mare Lola.

This incredible lady is TOTALLY blind, there are no shades of grey. Imagine being her Guide Dog, the responsibility that comes with ensuring his Blind Chick doesn't bump into things and always gets safely wherever she needs to go.

This tall leggy golden lab with the fluffy long tail is The Blind Chick's 7th Guide Dogs. Join them as Woody describes his adventures of life on the farm in Dubbo Australia, with birds, bush, snakes and sunshine. Buckle up for the adventures that unfold.

Would you ride a horse on your own if you couldn't see, at all?

Would you let a dog lead you around, and your horse, and trust that you'll arrive where you need to go without being injured or embarrassed because you face planted into something ouch along the way?

Would you continue to take one step at a time in the direction of your dreams if...

To find out the answers to all that and more, come join us.

See you soon - Guide Dog Woody, The Blind Chick & Lola

Product Details
ISBN: 9798890347909
Publisher: Sue-Ellen Lovett
Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
Pages: 184
Language: English