The Fertile Circle (Paperback)

The Fertile Circle By David a. Bush Cover Image
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When Donato Bagnoli's wife left him five years ago, he didn't think life could get any worse. How wrong he was. Still grappling with his wife's abandonment and struggling to be an engaging father, Bagnoli resists increasing pressure to sell his company-one of the largest Farm to Plate operations in the Fertile Circle. Farmhands either quit or are murdered, leaving him shorthanded. Three people die after consuming Bagnoli products, which results in a massive lawsuit brought by their grieving families. Now, to top things off, a Global Security Force officer, Josh (who claims to be a resurrected saint, working for Jesus), has arrived and placed Bagnoli under house arrest.

Bagnoli hires a new accountant-Adira Falkenberg (Addy), in an attempt to keep his financial status in the black. It's probably too little too late. Addy is an attractive woman with a troubled past. Two wounded souls thrown together in close proximity...despite a mutual attraction, a common distrust in the opposite sex keeps them at a cautious distance. Only God could work a miracle in their scarred hearts, but with God, all things are possible.

Josh and Addy discover the leader of a drug cartel has been secretly purchasing the Fertile Circle farmland and farm operations using a series of shell corporations. Bagnoli is the last holdout, but the evil forces are determined to control the entire region's food supply.

Josh empathizes with Bangoli's situation. Heaven knows he saw his share of treachery and misery during his days in ancient Israel under King David. But today, more alarming to Josh, is the fact that a pair of demon assassins might have this farmer in their sights.

Satan continues his relentless takeover of the Cheyenne area-he intends to snuff out Josh, plus anyone else who gets in his way.

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ISBN: 9798393490928
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2023
Pages: 326
Language: English