The Brave Habit: A Guide To Courageous Leadership (Paperback)

The Brave Habit: A Guide To Courageous Leadership By Todd Henry Cover Image
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In an uncertain world, what's the secret to unlocking potential? Bravery.

Everywhere you look, from our offices to our homes, there's a need for courageous leaders who are willing to do what's right even when it's difficult. Imagine a world where brave decisions are the norm, leading to empowered teams, diminished corruption, reduced conflicts, and meaningful cultural advancements.

In The Brave Habit, Todd Henry demystifies the concept of bravery. It's not reserved for the chosen few; it's a skill, a daily practice that can be cultivated. Henry emphasizes that every individual has the capacity to make brave choices, especially when the stakes are high.

Our organizations are in dire need of leaders who not only promote a culture of bravery but also embody it. The business landscape awaits entrepreneurs ready to prioritize their community and do what's right even in the face of fear. On a larger scale, our society yearns for individuals who forge brave, compassionate bonds with those holding contrasting views.

The Brave Habit is a transformative journey towards impactful leadership, exceptional work, and deeper relationships. Be brave.

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ISBN: 9798218303419
Publisher: Marion House
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 156
Language: English