Group Six and the Imperium: Let the Games Begin (Paperback)

Group Six and the Imperium: Let the Games Begin By Ron Richard Cover Image
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The Treskan Imperium: A vacation to die for

"You guys will love the Treskan Imperium " said Foxx.

After killing mutant monsters, defeating an evil vizier, and gaining and losing a queen's ransom in days, Group Six is more than ready for a real vacation. Which part of the Treskan Imperium will they find most amusing - the mountain pass haunted by the ghosts of an ancient battle, the skirmishes between the relentless Treskan army and the scrappy insurgents resisting their conquest, the wrath of the tyrannical Imperator Merak, or the to-the-death gladiatorial games of Stadium?

Group Six's visit finds Foxx confused, Orchid in her cups, Serena in mortal combat (clad in a fabulous evening gown), and Tresado in love.

This third volume in the Group Six saga is packed full of swordplay and spellcasting, mixed with a touch of silliness and the revelation of more clues to the ongoing mystery: who is playing a deadly game using the citizens of Lurra as their pawns ... and why? They may not know quite what's going on, but that won't stop Group Six from wading in.

Group Six and the Imperium. Let The Games Begin

= = =Ron Christopher Matthews Publishing (imprint of First Steps Publishing)For readers of Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, Fritz Leiber, and Terry Pratchett Teen and Young Adult, Adult Humor Fantasy Adventure Fantasy / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure / Dragons & Mythical Creatures / Mythical Quest / Sword & Sorcery, Magic

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ISBN: 9781944072995
ISBN-10: 1944072993
Publisher: Christopher Matthews Publishing
Publication Date: May 31st, 2024
Pages: 388
Language: English