Group Six and the Crater: Magic is Born (Paperback)

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. . . lands Group Six in a wasteland crawling with mutant monsters, a deadly disease, and creeping insanity that soon has them at each other's throats. Their rescue by the militia from Abakaar seems providential. Hidden away in an oasis valley, Abakaar's people are happy, prosperous, and peaceful. But Foxx's Knowing Spell, which has always served him well at the gambling table, tells him that all is not as it seems. Has there ever been a group of Macai so placid and content? Where are the Eryndi citizens ... including their friend Tresado? And why does no one ever leave Abakaar?

When an act of bravery catapults Foxx, Orchid, and Serena to the status of honored guests at the court of the Warrior Queen Minore, they must choose whether to accept the luxuries of Abakaar or risk their lives to expose a conspiracy which reaches across the planet.

Meanwhile, a parallel story 50,000 years in the past reveals the beginnings of both Abakaar and the magic widely practiced on the planet Lurra.

Join Group Six as their quest for treasure, magic, and fun takes them from a hellish desert to the paradise of Abakaar, and pits them against their most dangerous adversary yet.

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Ron Richard

Christopher Matthews Publishing (imprint of First Steps Publishing)

Teen and Young Adult, Adult Humor: Fantasy / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure / Dragons & Mythical Creatures / Mythical Quest

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ISBN: 9781944072803
ISBN-10: 1944072802
Publisher: Christopher Matthews Publishing
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 362
Language: English