The Beardo and the Weirdo (Hardcover)

The Beardo and the Weirdo By Skylar And Mazie Schaff Cover Image
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"The Beardo and the Weirdo" tells the tale of a village of furry creatures who were thriving in a thick, lush jungle in the most unlikely of places.

But one day, due to a catastrophic event, they are left displaced and forced to seek refuge elsewhere. Will they find a home equally as nourishing and cozy as the one they once knew?

This book came together with the imagination of two sisters. Skylar, 12, and Mazie, 10, set their hearts on writing and illustrating their very own book and spent a year putting this project together.

When Skylar is not knee-deep in an illustration, you may find her playing with her animals, hiking in the mountains or baking in the kitchen. When Mazie is not dreaming up new creative characters, you may find her ice fishing, rock hounding or day-dreaming about owning her own pet monkey. Their little brother, Rook, acted as their guest illustrator by adding his own doodle version of a Hairling. When he is not bothering his sisters, you may find him in the mud.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735837345
ISBN-10: 1735837342
Publisher: Acrylics139
Publication Date: November 5th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English