Cowboy Ethics: What It Takes to Win at Life (Hardcover)

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Frustrated by an epidemic of misbehavior, corporate management teams are going back to the idea that personal character and individual responsibility are the ultimate keys to integrity business—just as they were back in the days of the Open Range.

When first published, Cowboy Ethics inspired businesspeople to look to the Code of the West. Once they did, they discovered that its simple, common-sense principles can be more effective guides to business leadership than a truckload of corporate mission statements, rules, and ethics manuals.

“Cowboys are role models because they live by a code,” says author James P. Owen. “They show us what it means to stand for something, and to strive every day to make your actions line up with your beliefs. And isn’t that as good a definition of integrity as you can find?”

In the years since, the book’s first publication “Ten Principles to Live By” have been embraced by scores of companies, universities, and even a state government. This updated Anniversary hardcover edition traces the evolution of this grassroots business movement in brand-new chapters while preserving the inspirational lessons and stunning photography of the original.

A new introduction traces the rise of the Cowboy Ethics movement, while a new epilogue discusses how to live by the code. It’s ideal for corporate gifts, the new graduate, business students, or any career person who cares about doing the right thing.

About the Author

James P. Owen is a forty-year veteran of Wall Street and is also the Founder and CIO of the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership. He is the bestselling author of The Try: The Secret to Success in Life and Career, Cowboy Values: Recapturing What America Once Stood For, and The Prudent Investor. He resides in Austin, Texas.

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ISBN: 9781628736632
ISBN-10: 1628736631
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2015
Pages: 96
Language: English