The Generous Leader: 7 Ways to Give of Yourself for Everyone’s Gain (Hardcover)

The Generous Leader: 7 Ways to Give of Yourself for Everyone’s Gain By Joe Davis Cover Image
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An innovative and insightful 7-part guide to heartfelt and collaborative actions that transform the reader into a generous leader.

Leading successfully in a world full of disruption means building more than technical skills. Yes, you must deliver results, but to run a successful business you need people—and people today want leaders who can and will work to see beyond themselves and only the bottom line—you must learn to lead with your heart. Being vulnerable with your staff is intimidating, but when connecting with people not only will you grow as a leader and a person, but your business will grow as well.

Bringing your authentic self to your leadership takes courage and commitment, but you reap profound benefits from heart-led generous acts. This book presents 7 ways to give of yourself for everyone’s gain:  

1. Generous Communication: Be real to build deep connections
2. Generous Listening: Be sincerely curious about another’s perspective
3. Generous Inclusion: Be inclusive to invite collaboration and show respect
4. The Generous Ally: Take chances to make chances for others
5. Generous Development: Validate strengths and success, identify expansive opportunities
6. Generous Moments: Make small acts of acknowledgment in important moments to make a big impact
7. Give up the Mask: Be emotionally accessible with authenticity and vulnerability

Through unvarnished and unforgettable stories, the author and CEOs of well-recognized companies reveal experiences and mistakes that informed their success and share actions that make the shift to more heart less scary, more satisfying and incredible personal.

As you build your skills with the guidance from this trusted reference, success will spread from your generosity to the people you work with, to your organization, to your own career and even society. 

There is no more powerful leader than a generous leader.

About the Author

Joe Davis is a Managing Director and Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group. He is a former Head of BCG in North America and member of the firm’s Executive Committee.  He oversaw BCG’s operations in the US, Canada and Mexico and was recognized as one of the Top 25 Consultants of the year in 2011. 

In The Generous Leader Joe tells a story about a performance review from early in his career: to summarize, he was told he is not the best at problem solving in a vacuum, but in collaboration with others, can solve any challenge. Why? Because early in Joe’s career this mentor identified his key strength—Joe was a person who could connect with anyone.

This ability to connect with people became the foundation of a successful career at Boston Consulting Group, spanning more than 35 years, across multiple offices around the world, opening and growing offices, starting businesses, and helping to grow the firm. For more than three decades, Joe’s passion for people and his desire to support their development, inspired teams to work harder and better than they thought possible, creating exceptional collaborative results for BCG and its clients.

In keeping with his constant commitment to champion people and their dreams, Joe currently serves as Chair of BCG’s Center for Inclusion and Equity.  He is a co-founding Steering Committee member of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion and the Sothern Communities Initiative.

Joe is a graduate of Whitman College and currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees. Joe previously served as Vice Chair of B Capital Group. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Joe has benefited from the generosity of a loving family: Sarah, his wife of more than 40 years, whom he met at Whitman College, his four children and their partners, and seven grandchildren. When he is not traveling the world for work or to be with family, you can find Joe running or gardening as his moving meditation.

Praise For…

“Unlocks deep insight into what it takes to become the kind of leader that leaves a legacy far beyond business results. Most people will remember the great leaders not for what they did for the business but what they did for them, how they made them feel. The generous leader is inside all of us.”
—Chip Bergh, CEO, Levi Strauss and Co.

“Through real-life examples, Joe Davis provides today’s leader with an actionable guide to building leadership skills that benefit everyone.”
—Joaquin Duato, CEO, Johnson & Johnson

“This book is both inspiring and entertaining. You’ll find Joe’s very personal stories about leadership during external shocks and concrete action plans immensely useful—they will make you an even better leader!”
—Christoph Schweizer, CEO, Boston Consulting Group

“Joe Davis has led with generosity his entire career. Now he has given us a compelling and invaluable guide to leadership that changes lives. These are times that call for generous leadership.”
—Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal

“As a woman of color, working for Joe turned my stereotypical expectations of white male leadership upside down. Joe’s book holds all of these lessons and more—his actionable examples and advice will make you a stronger leader, friend, ally, spouse, parent, and collaborator in every arena.”
—Jane Park, founder and CEO, Tokki
“A generous leader is an authentic leader, and Joe Davis demonstrates his authenticity through the words and actions included in his story. By leading the reader through a journey of learning, challenges, successes, and failures, Joe models how he brings his whole self to work—humbly, fully, unabashedly—and helps others unlock their potential. A great read for leaders willing to sit around the kitchen table and give of themselves to grow others.”
—Ashley M. Grice, CEO and Managing Director, BCG BrightHouse
“I have worked closely with Joe at Boston Consulting Group, and I have seen his philosophy and ethos of generous leadership in action. The Generous Leader reflects the empathy, humanity, selfless leadership, and experienced insights of the author and those he has served.”
—Rony Abovitz, founder of MAKO Surgical, Magic Leap, Sun and Thunder, and SynthBee

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