Dressage in hand: What horses want you to know (Hardcover)

Dressage in hand: What horses want you to know Cover Image
By Josepha Guillaume, Sylvia Loch (Foreword by), Ralph Scheffer (Editor)
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This is an equestrian book unlike any other... This is THE book all horses truly want you to read Within this book you'll find the missing links of the most valuable equestrian information. No matter what your discipline or goal is, reading this book will make all other equestrian books more valuable, as now you can finally fill in the gaps that many books do not cover in detail or at all. This is also the book for all the horses that simply don't do things 'by the book'. Dressage in hand explains it all step by step. This book truly contains the knowledge of what horses want you to know. About the author Josepha Guillaume is an international horse trainer, instructor and author based in Belgium. She comes from a solid classical dressage background, but has been working mostly with injured and traumatized horses for the last 20 years. Josepha has taught in many European countries and South Africa. Many hopeless cases have been successfully rehabbed in her hands the last two decades. The art of keeping horses healthy and happy, or bringing them back to health and happiness, no matter what happened to them, has become her specialty and her life's work. All the knowledge for you to do the same, can be found in this book.

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ISBN: 9781304138699
ISBN-10: 1304138690
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Publication Date: September 8th, 2021
Pages: 348
Language: English