Rematch and Overtime - To Be the Best - Young Readers Edition (Paperback)

Rematch and Overtime - To Be the Best - Young Readers Edition By H. L. Hertel Cover Image
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TO BE THE BEST won the award for "Best Characters" in the 2017 Red City Review Book Awards.

TO BE THE BEST: REMATCH AND OVERTIME Young Readers Edition is a collection which includes the second and third books in the award winning TO BE THE BEST series in addition to a bonus PREQUEL story which is only available (in book form) in this compilation.

PREQUEL - This twelve-chapter short story which covers the events leading up the the original TO BE THE BEST originally appeared as a monthly segment in both WRESTLING INSIDER NEWSMAGAZINE (WIN) and USA WRESTLER magazine.


Nick Castle picks up where he left off his sophomore year. Yet, as his star continues to rise, he soon finds that some of the greatest challenges to his season dwell inside his very own wrestling room.

Meanwhile, older brother Ron recuperates from the injuries that sidelined him as a junior but finds himself in unfamiliar territory, lost in the shadow of his younger sibling.

Recovering from his own injuries and struggling with their after-effects, Sean MacCallister also returns as assistant coach for Riverside. Still haunted by demons from his youth, he reaches out for anything that resembles stability, including vices from his past, and finds his life in a relentless downward spiral.

Unwilling to settle for mediocrity, life-altering choices will be made by each as they endeavor to be the best.


Five years after Rematch, a chance meeting of a weathered former coach and a broken ex-wrestler gives the opportunity to revisit the story of Nick Castle's senior year.
Nick enters his senior season with everything in his life being nearly perfect. He has a loving girlfriend, a following of fans, a legendary coach and like the end of his junior season, he is ranked first in the state. Yet, the cracks surface quickly as past agitators and teammates alike seem focused on keeping him from realizing his wrestling dreams while others seem intent on damaging his relationship.
Nearly 1,000 miles away, Sean MacCallister's new career is off to a promising start, but when his company is acquired, budget cutbacks and corporate politics become stifling. His long-distance relationship is impacted by both his relentless work schedule and a new co-worker whose intentions are unclear.
New allies and extreme dedication will be needed by both as they continue on a path to be the best.

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ISBN: 9780982668436
ISBN-10: 0982668430
Publisher: Hh Castle-Mac Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2017
Pages: 476
Language: English