New Book by Casey Rislov

Local author Casey Rislov has a new book out that we are excited to share with you. Keep an eye out for plans for Children's Book Week in May! Casey will be with us sharing her book and will have activities to do with the kids. 

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New book inspires children to create, discover, and dream of adventures as near as their own backyard

Once upon a time there were 4 friends-
2 bears, 1 moose, and a bluebird.
They stuffed their backpacks and planned their fun through a map they found.
They went on boat and a hot air balloon ride, found many strange creatures, and dug for treasure and dinosaur bones. Each spot on the map had a new adventure….
And it was in their own backyard! Their friendship brings many stories to tell for a lifetime.
And you thought they just brought backpacks.

This new children’s book Imagination Bigger Together, is a follow-up to her first title Time Together, Time Well Spent! Casey Rislov shares her words in a rhythmic form to catch young children’s attention. The same illustrator, Stephen Adams, shares his love of all things kids with hidden humor, lots of color, and creative action.


An excerpt from the book reads:
Imagination bring us together, stories, treasure hunts, travel, and laughter.
There is no limit to all we can see. One idea will lead to another.
Just imagine the places we will visit, all the more fun because we’re together.
So here we go!

Her 3 previous books have won several children awards each including Mom’s Choice Award, Living Now Awards, National Indie Excellence Award, and Los Angeles Book Festival Award.


Praise from the critics-

"Love is Forever offers comfort, hope and inspiration to those who have lost, or are facing the loss of, someone very dear. Love is Forever comes highly recommended for home and school libraries and for use in clinical settings for grief counseling."- Literary Classsics

“Casey Rislov is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award that evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.”- Mom’s Choice Award

“Positive messages are reinforced, as well as the educational information being handed out to kids. Excellent job!” --Janelle Fila, Readers' Favorite

“It's rare to see a picture book about love that begins with easy admonitions that focuses on how to identify acts of love in the world and how to 'pay it forward' - but Open the Doors to You is such a read”- Midwest Book Reviews



Author: Casey Rislov has written three award-winning, internationally-sold books. This fourth book is a humorous and exciting follow up to Time Together, Time Well Spent! The imagination from this story has many ideas from Casey’s daily life. She finds inspiration in her husband’s “big fish” stories and she has 2 busy, creative boys who dig for worms and create loud music with most anything. Casey has a master's degree in elementary education and an endorsement in early childhood special needs. She spends her time reading books, writing, and sharing her enthusiasm with children.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

We have had our holiday gift guide mailed out with the news paper and have had them in our bags and in the store, so chances are you have seen this. But, in case you haven't, here is an online edition!

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CASA Giving Tree

Our CASA giving tree is up again for December. 

Every ornament represents one child in Natrona County enrolled in the CASA program.  here's how it works.

-Come in to the store (or call us if you are unable to come in and still want to help) 
-Pick an ornament, or ornaments off the tree and pick out a book for each child based on age and interests listed on the ornament. We are here to help you pick out any books if you need suggestions. 
-Purchase books. We offer a 10% discount for every book purchased for the CASA giving tree.
-We keep the books here, wrap them, and a CASA advocate will come and pick them up and make sure they get to the child in time for Christmas.

We have more ornaments than ever this year, and would like to get as many children as possible books. Please, help as much as you can. Give a gift that will make a real difference for a child this year. 

In the past we have had parents bring in their children to pick an ornament each to gift to a child and have had a great response from CASA, the children involved, and everyone that has participated in the past. 

Give us a call at 301-315-6003 with any questions you have. 

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